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Come on a tour with Piak!


If you are looking for an authentic hilltribe tour in northern Thailand then this is the tour for you!


Piak is a member of the Karen hiltribe and has been operating tours for over 2 decades through the stunning remote villages surrounding Mae Sariang, far away for the tourist traps of Chiang Mai. Take a trek further into the hills to rice fields and lush valleys far from the crowds.


  • Visit authentic hilltribe villages and interact with the locals.
  • Experience cultural immersion by participating in local daily activities.
  • Take in stunning views as you trek through plantations, rice paddies and jungle.
  • Stay overnight in the home of a Karen hilltribe family.
  • Help prepare and eat delicious hilltribe cuisine.
  • Enjoy spectacular waterfalls and hot springs.

Responsible Ethnic Tourism


Piak cares greatly about low impact, sustainable tourism. While some hilltribe villages have suffered negative impacts from mass tourism, Piak is focused on conducting tours in a way that contributes to the welfare and economy of the villages you will visit. As part of a small private group tour you will be able to experience first hand the wonders of hilltribe life in a natural and non-intrusive way whilst giving back to the local people you will meet.

What makes Piak’s tours different


Piak comes from the Karen hilltibes of northern Thailand and has over 2 decades of tour guide experience. He is focused on low impact, sustainable tourism.


Itineraries are not fixed and this flexibility gives a better opportunity to discover local life along the way, without the restriction of schedules.


You will stay in an atmospheric bamboo hut in a hilltribe village for the night. Staying with a family you will help prepare an evening meal, and feast on traditional hilltribe cuisine.


Piak provides a tailor made experiences that allow you to see the real northern Thailand through the eyes of a local.


Private tours mean that you receive the dedicated attention of Piak and our driver, who can change the plan of the day to accommodate your interests and needs.


You will venture off the beaten track to explore remote villages unaffected by mass tourism for an authentic hilltribe experience.


Piak runs private guided tours for up to 4 people. The tours take place over 2 days and include an overnight stay in a hilltribe village.

Day 1

Piak will meet you in the morning at your guesthouse in Mae Sariang. You will drive out of town and begin your trek through lush jungle to a remote hilltribe village where you will have lunch with the locals. After lunch you will continue trekking and learn about the area and see local sites. You will trek to another village where you will spend the night with a hilltribe family, experiencing their way of life, preparing and eating dinner with them.

Day 2

You will trek from the village through paddy fields and visit a series of waterfalls where you can swim. You will then be driven to local hotsprings to relax and refresh. The tour will end in the evening back in Mae Sariang.

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Tour Guide

Hi! My name is Piak, meaning small but spicy in thai slang.

I was born in the village of Pa Pae in Northern Thailand. My mother is from the Lawa tribe and my father is from the Karen tribe. In 1971 the King of Thailand visited my village to offer food from the royal rice bank. This inspired me to focus on the development of sustainable agriculture and tourism for my area.

I have been taking tours in this area since 1995 and I am passionate about giving visitor an experience first hand the wonders of hilltribe life in a natural and non-intrusive way whilst giving back to the local people you will meet.

“Great experience away from the tourist traps”

Sazzarina, France

“It’s not just a tour, it’s an adventure!”

Jlayk, USA

“Highlight of my trip to South East Asia”

David, UK

Contact Piak

If you have any questions about the tours and would like to get in touch, please send a message via the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mae Sariang

Tours are run from the small district town of Mae Sariang which sits in a picturesque location on a largely undeveloped riverside, surrounded by forested hills and paddy-filled valleys. The town still possesses plenty of old teak buildings, a handful of Burmese/Shan-style wats, some fine accommodation choices and… well, it’s just a great glimpse of traditional, small-town Thailand.

For now, Mae Sariang remains a sleepy, untouristy backwater. It sits on the eastern bank of the Yuam river and does more business as a small trading centre and regional market town for the surrounding farmlands.

Getting to Mae Sariang.

There are 4 or 5 local buses a day from Chiang Mai Arcade bus station, journey time is approx 4hrs(aircon)/5hrs(fan) and around ~100bt. There is also a faster minivan service, departures from Chiang Mai Arcade bus station daily at; 9am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 5pm. Journey time is approx 3.5hrs and tickets 200bt.

Mae Sariang